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4.7 average, based on 7 reviews


Product Information


Cast single-piece stainless steel sai with hand-wrapped handle. These are expertly balanced with a brilliant polished finish.


  • 13″ Stainless Steel (269 grams)
  • 15″ Stainless Steel (348 grams)
  • 16″ Stainless Steel (383 grams)
  • 17″ Stainless Steel (397 grams) 
  • 18″ Stainless Steel (462 grams)
  • 19″ Stainless Steel (518 grams)
  • 20" Stainless Steel (616 grams)

(Weights are approximate)




Weapons are sold only for training under expert supervision, demonstration, collection, or display.  Weapons should not be used for sparring or contact.  Inspect weapons before each use to ensure they are in proper condition.  Do not use this product if the weapon is found to be compromised in any way as it would create an unsafe condition.  Use and misuse of Martial Arts weapons involves serious risks, including injury, disability, and death.  The buyer, user, and/or participant assume all risk of injury and damage from any use.


Anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited from purchasing weapons without parental consent.

Sales of certain items are governed by local, state, federal and international law. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check all applicable laws concerning use, ownership, legal age, and possession of any product offered by Kensho International.  Weapons and items over 42” cannot be sent out of the United States. Some weapons may be prohibited in your area. Please check state statutes and local ordinances before ordering.  By purchasing any item, the buyer warrants compliance with all local, state, federal and international law, including that the buyer is legally able to purchase and sell all items being purchased from Kensho International.


The buyer indemnifies Kensho International, its owners, managers, and employees, from any and all liability, including any claim of injury or damages, related to the improper, illegal, unintended use, or modification of weapons sold through the website or catalog.  All risk of injury and damage is assumed by the buyer.

Product CodeSAIJB8UA37
ManufacturerKensho International

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7

Sai and Kensho team

These Sai are wonderful! Nicely balanced and light weight. Just beautifully made! My experience with the Mike and the Kensho team has been wonderful. Very friendly and customer service oriented. They were prompt and answered all my questions, really striving to make sure I was happy with their product. Just a dream to work with and a great product! (20 Jun 2018, 10:41)

Kensho sai

I just received my sai today and they are awesome. They feel and look great. They are great when I am transitioning from one position to the next. I love them. I will be recommending kensho to other for there needs. Thank you kensho (17 May 2018, 12:51)

Excellent sai for solo training!

These are an excellent value. Well-made, balanced and lightweight. I like them for solo kata and kihon practice. One proviso: (confirmed by Kensho customer service, to me, on the phone) These sai are NOT suitable for contact practice, for instance, when practicing with a partner in sai versus bo, when actual contact is made between the sai and any other weapon or hard surface. They can be damaged and can be bent during any contact practice. I use other, heavier sai for contact practice. But these sai are my favorite for solo practice, and they are highly recommended for that purpose! (20 Apr 2018, 11:15)

I Love These Sai!!

I absolutely love these Sai. I’ve been doing Karate and Kobudo for almost 33 years and my elbows and shoulders aren’t what they used to be. I’ve always loved Sai and own 6 pairs from various manufacturers and they are all quite heavy. These things rock! Light and balanced. Thank you very much. (26 Dec 2017, 20:51)

The Balance is Unbelievable!

The Kensho Sai is amazing! I love competing with it. First thing i noticed was how light they were! They are more streamlined after all the bulk is shaved off a traditional sai. Typically I will train a few times with heavier sai that we use when doing bunkai with the Bo and then whip around my Kensho sai's and I feel like Speed Racer! These are a great find and I am very happy with my purchase. That being said I have not used them for Bunkai with the Bo as they are so light I worry that they are a bit too soft. If you want a superbly balance competition sai, you have found them!! (08 Dec 2016, 17:02)
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